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STREAM/SHARE: Chelas In The Morning 7" (Machine Wash)

RIYL: Queens of the Stone Age; ZZ Top; Pink Floyd
HAVE PLAYED WITH: The Life & Times (ex-Shiner); Lo-Pan; Barnburner; Hawks and Doves (members of Planes Mistaken for Stars/Hot Water Music); Windhand; Mount Salem

Sporting a sound more in line with the depths of a murky, corpse-filled swamp than with their Chicago brethren, area trio Marmora are turning heads as well as banging them. Their dirty, howling guitars, crushing bass and commanding drums recalls the stoner rock of early Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, while layering on chaotic solos and an energy that's sorely lacking with many instrumental projects, that all who witness cannot deny. Having honed their chops over the last ten years and more, Marmora is a tight-knit family affair, and while the sound may be gnarly, the musicianship and talent is clear throughout.

When the band formed back in 2001, brothers Alex (bass), Ullysses (drums) and Zaid Salazar (guitar) managed to play anywhere and everywhere they could, even if it meant that then 14-year-old Ullysses had to sit outside a 21+ venue until showtime. Since then, that dedication has paid off in spades, as the trio has racked up an impressive resume, standing toe-to-toe with an array of local and national acts, leading up to their new, fiery seven-inch release, Chelas In The Morning. Both the title track and the b-side ("You Fuckin' Bitch") come through your speakers like a freight train, but without the cluttered nature that many thrashy blues/rock bands deliver. All members play off each other extraordinarily well, and even as Zaid's guitar licks take front and center, Marmora's rhythm section remains not only busy, but downright nasty. Put to tape at Chicago's renowned Bricktop Recording, this is a seven-inch that leaves you begging for another hit.
Forever Ripped ∞ Forever Loaded

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Recorded at Bricktop Recording on a snowy weekend in February 2012. This recording was made available April 20, 2013 on vinyl and digital download brought to you by the good folks at Machine Wash Music (a little band of gypsy friends that care about Chicago music).

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Photos by John Mourlas
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